Updates on philanthropic extortion.

Pardon Our Progress

Warm weather is upon us and we’re busy enjoying it. And also thinking about how to take Charity Bribes to the next level. So, for the time being, we’re taking the site down and pausing the submission and voting process for new bribes. Our existing bribes, below, are still active, and we’re hoping Morgan Freeman and Betty White will succumb to our philanthropic extortion. Please spread the word to help put the pressure on Morgan and Betty. And if you get a brilliant idea for a new bribe, keep it under your pillow for future bribing, or, even better, share it on our Facebook page.

What are we thinking about for the future? A bunch of things. But having multiple bribes open at the same time is at the top of our list. Have ideas for features or how you’d like to see Charity Bribes work? Let us know on Twitter (@charitybribes) or Facebook. If you would prefer to dispatch a super-secret communiqué, email us: charitybribes [at] gmail.

Betty White, it’s time to suit up.

As of July 16th, funding has closed on our latest bribe: getting Betty White to wear a t-shirt that says “I do it with my boots on”. The bribe will benefit The Boot Campaign. The total amount raised was $4,505 and Betty has until Thursday, September 13 to get into uniform. If she does, briber’s credit cards will be charged and the money will be sent to The Boot Campaign. If not, no one is charged anything. Spread the word to put her in the hot seat!

Okay Morgan Freeman, it’s your turn.

We have successfully raised $10,540 to benefit the Humane Society. The donation will be made if, and only if, Morgan Freeman spends an afternoon narrating user-submitted animal videos by August 13th, 2012. Post your favorite animal videos on our Facebook page and spread the word to help put the pressure on everyone’s favorite soft-spoken, gravitas machine.

A giant check (literally) gets dropped off at the NRDC.

Yesterday we made our way to NRDC’s New York office on 20th and 6th with a giant check in hand, and no appointment.

We were met with suspicion by the building management guy who phoned upstairs to tell someone that “we got a coupla guys down here…bribers. Got a big check.” 

Once we made it upstairs, we were greeted by Jenny Powers, National Media Director,  who told us that she, and everyone at the NRDC, had been following Charity Bribes and were overjoyed to hear about the successful bribe. 

Of course, nonexistent is the bank that accepts giant checks (presumably only with a giant deposit slip) so this was not the end. We realized a few days ago that we had not yet ordered real, comparatively tiny, checks for this purpose, so we ended up wiring the money. The NRDC received it today, May 24th. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this bribe. And thank you Larry David!

We would really appreciate contributions to our next bribe: get Morgan Freeman to narrate user-submitted animal videos. Even a few dollars makes a big difference. Pledge here charitybribes.org

Larry David has joined Twitter.

On March 13th, Charity Bribes launched with the mission of making the world a better place and having some fun in the process. Our first bribe was for Larry David to join Twitter and in 30 days, 103 bribers had pledged $10,163 to the Natural Resources Defense Council. He had 30 days to take the bribe, join Twitter, and trigger the donation to the NRDC. If he did nothing, no one would be charged anything, no donation would be made to the NRDC, and the life would go on, albeit in a comparatively much less awesome way. We waited 27 days to see what would happen. Today we are happy to announce that Larry David took the bribe and is now on Twitter. Here is his first tweet.

His Twitter handle is @larrydavid4

This is his profile picture. That may or may not be Richard Lewis next to him. 

Thank you to all the bribers for your generous contributions. The total amount of $10,163 will soon be donated to the NRDC. We’ll keep you updated. And, of course, thanks to Larry David for taking the bribe and making our track-record of extortion a perfect 1-for-1. Also, many thanks to Laura Streicher for facilitating things and being great to work with. Onto the next bribe!

Now go follow him and give him a warm welcome to the wonderful world of Twitter


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