Updates on philanthropic extortion.

Larry David has joined Twitter.

On March 13th, Charity Bribes launched with the mission of making the world a better place and having some fun in the process. Our first bribe was for Larry David to join Twitter and in 30 days, 103 bribers had pledged $10,163 to the Natural Resources Defense Council. He had 30 days to take the bribe, join Twitter, and trigger the donation to the NRDC. If he did nothing, no one would be charged anything, no donation would be made to the NRDC, and the life would go on, albeit in a comparatively much less awesome way. We waited 27 days to see what would happen. Today we are happy to announce that Larry David took the bribe and is now on Twitter. Here is his first tweet.

His Twitter handle is @larrydavid4

This is his profile picture. That may or may not be Richard Lewis next to him. 

Thank you to all the bribers for your generous contributions. The total amount of $10,163 will soon be donated to the NRDC. We’ll keep you updated. And, of course, thanks to Larry David for taking the bribe and making our track-record of extortion a perfect 1-for-1. Also, many thanks to Laura Streicher for facilitating things and being great to work with. Onto the next bribe!

Now go follow him and give him a warm welcome to the wonderful world of Twitter


  • 13 May 2012
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